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A Brief History of the Ludwig Drum Company

  • William F Ludwig was born in 1878 in Germany.
  • William wants to become a drummer after seeing drummers in a parade.
  • His father buys William a second hand drum kit.
  • 1908 The Ludwig Drum company was formed with the development of a drum pedal that could meet the demands of the current musical styles.
  • Ludwig built own pedal capable of faster tempos without loss of volume or force.
  • Ludwig's brother-in-law sees a market for mass-producing the pedal.
  • 1910 Ludwig and Ludwig is formed to manufacture drum pedal.
  • 1910 Ludwig joins Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra consults with Danly for cheaper timpani.
  • 1913 hydraulic action timpani created and sold to the Pittsburgh Orchestral Symphony.
  • 1916 after initial failure balanced action pedal born.
  • After dispute Ludwig leaves to form his own company.
  • 1937 WFL Drum Company created first product 'Speed King' pedal.
  • Ludwig takes over old company and changes name to Ludwig Drum Company.
  • 1960 Beatles use Ludwig Drums.
  • 1966 Ludwig takes over rival company and now makes a complete range of percussion instruments.
  • 1973 Ludwig dies and passes the Company to his son William F. Ludwig Jnr.
  • Ludwig goes from strength to strength.

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